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hi, i'm kelly.

It’s been almost a full three months since bid day and even though I live in a dorm, the chapter house feels like home. I can’t wait to live in house next year with the rest of my pledge class. So blessed that my sorority’s chapter has a chapter house, and at that, a BEAUTIFUL one. Especially feel this way after talking to a friend whom goes to a university where none of the sororities have chapter houses, hers included. I realize that a building is just made out of materials, and that sisterhood can survive through anything and everything, thus not needing a physical place in order to share a bond. But, already, I can tell just how much a special place to call our own and live with each other makes that bond of sisterhood that much more special. The picture at the top of the photoset is the front of my chapter’s house with all of our girls on Bid Day 2011. The other chapter houses are ones I would love to see and visit. Aren’t they pretty? They match how beautiful our girls are inside and out :)

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    I’m not a GPhi, but those lovely ladies in the photo go to my school and our my chapters neighbor!! :)
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